About Us


CODY is our founder, lead contractor and the mastermind behind all our amazing projects. Cody has many years of experience in construction from helping his dad flip houses, to working in framing, production home building, as well as custom home building. He has taken courses in architecture, building code and building science and prides himself on his construction skills. He has always been passionate about all things construction, so taking this next step in opening the company was a natural transition for him. He has a knack for walking into a space, and seeing what it can be, rather than what is already there. Contact us today and let him transform your space!


SHANNON has been in customer focused roles ever since she entered the workforce, which makes her perfect for our administration, quote specialist, and customer facing roles. But, don’t think that’s all she does, she also will be on site working a long side Cody when he needs an extra set of hands. Shannon is happy to help you with any questions you may have about our business and operations, don’t hesitate to contact her today!

DAVE comes to us with 5 years of flooring and tiling experience. He is hardworking, dedicated and excited to learn more about general construction. You will find him working along side with Cody on site! Please give Dave a warm welcome to the Build or Fix it team!